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Last works

Jesen Samuraja

The samurai in autumn

Hallo Catering

Hallo Catering

Hallo Cake

Hallo Cake

Centre for development of civil society


Milica Pilates

Milica Pilates

Jujutsu Zrenjanin

Jujutsu Zrenjanin


About us

Why 28codes?

 Because we help you to maximize your profit.

 Because we're there when you call us.

 Because we care about your business when you can not.

 Because we will turn your vision into reality.

 Because we make your job visible to much larger range of
 Because we help you to grow your business.

Who is the 28codes?

28codes is a team of web designers from Zrenjanin, Serbia, who truly love what they do. We design and create web sites for our clients, and there is no challenge too big for us. We make your ideas into reality. 28codes is a team of web designers who will help you to improve your business.


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